VNS International


Are you searching for a hospitality or maritime consultancy, software or hardware solution that can keep your business ahead? Then, we’re proud to tell you that everything you need to deliver the best guest experience can be provided by VNS International.

VNS International is a world-leading provider of hardware, software and technical consultancy solutions for marine and hospitality businesses all over the world. Since its establishment in 1998, VNS International has provided complete solutions for marine and hospitality businesses which proves our understanding of the needs of both marine and hospitality establishments.

Our Solutions!

Having been in the business for the past 20 years, VNS can assist you in a wide range of projects to keep you on the course and on a budget:

#1. Satellite Installation & Service:

VNS International is dedicated to giving you the best technicians who can help you to install or service your satellite. Our satellite installation and service consultants and technicians are people of integrity who have a winning heart…. Learn more!

#2. Access Solution:

Are you searching for a maritime or hospitality access solution specialist who can furnish your business with access solution equipment and security systems? Then, VNS International can offer you all the access solutions you need. Learn more!

#3. Phone System:

VNS International can provide you with the Voice over IP technologies for placing and transmitting calls. Since there are many parts of the phone system, choosing the phone system provider for your voice, video, messaging, or conferencing needs will cut costs and boost productivity. Learn more!

#4. Networking Support:

Searching for a new networking support services or provider, solutions that can help you maintain an existing corporate network or consultants that can build your internal IT team? Then choose VNS International today. Learn more!

#5. Reservations Solution

Searching for the right online reservation system software solution for your marine or hospitality business? Then, VNS International will be happy to offer you our cutting-edge software at a fair price. Our reservation solution would include online reservation, advanced passenger services, table management, cancelation protection, POS integration, CRM, and much more.

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